Triad Kaleo Huddy KILLZ

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Polypropylene (PP)
2 Stringers
Crescent Tail

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What do you think a good board will do for you?  What do you think a good board is supposed to do for you?  When I started my pursuit of wave riding, it was riding surfboards.   A lot of people start on a bodyboard and then "advance" to surfing. Not me.  Nothing against surfing... it was fun while it lasted.  But after a few good years, I quickly transitioned into bodyboarding, DK to be exact.   I've always been the type to go against the grain so DK bodyboarding captured my attention and I was addicted to the challenge after realizing how difficult it actually was.  I started really watching the older cats of the DK movement at my home break Honoli’i and I soon became part of a group of DK enthusiasts. We all loved bodyboarding and quickly became DK brothers. And Honoli’i was our playground.

My friend would record off of a VCR every single dropknee segment from each movie onto its own tape.  This meant less rewinding and fast forwarding to the good parts ,the “DK” parts, haha.  I watched and studied these Dk segments with my homies and I knew everyone who was on the DK scene.  Raffi Meyer, Roach, Lackey, Aka, Booth, McGee etc…..these guys had it all; speed, style, flow, power, combinations. I became obsessed and started dialing into my own style and rhythm and was convinced that when done properly,  DK was the sickest thing out there.  I’ve learned over the years that if you film yourself surfing and study the way you look, you can learn from your mistakes, apply what you’ve learned, and add more style to your surfing and have better wave judgment and positioning in the lineup.

I distinctly remember my first Raffi Meyer M2.  This board became the foundation of my DK style.  It was fast, sharp, stiff, responsive.  The M2 is the foundation for my template and after a few tweaks here and there, some fine tuning in a few other zones, the final creation has risen to the next level.  A flat bottom for unmatched speed,  sharp rails for controlling your turns, shin grooves to keep you locked in, a full crescent tail to bite hard on the turns and release monster spray, a double stringer with mesh for a perfect balance of flex and performance and all on a template that literally responds to your is an amazing wave riding tool.       

And the mosquito graphic you ask? Not only because it has earned a reputation in Hawaii for being the state bird, but mosquitoes, those scronnie annoying little blood suckers, are some of the deadliest animals on earth.  And this board has equally lethal capabilities and mosquito like determination when mixed with salt water.  And all of the other cool animals were taken, haha.  

I have not been competing professionally for very long but I always knew that if you want to put your skills to the test, you have to challenge the best.  And in my humble opinion,  Hawaii has always had the Best DK riders.  I honestly don’t care about being the best, but I do like to push myself,  always have,  always will and competing at the highest level has definitely helped me to sharpen my stinger, haha.    And to answer the opening questions : a good board is supposed to support you as you push yourself and arrive at the next level each and every time, free surfing and in competition.   In my opinion,  if you can dropknee and make it look like your surfing,  you have the ultimate skill set at your disposal.  There is so much you can do. And everyones style is different, it is up to you to find yours.

Big mahalo to all the Honoli’i boys for all your support and for keeping me in top shape, to my wife Meeks for all your love and encouragement, and to Triad Bodyboards for helping to bring my vision of the ultimate DK board to life.

Aloha,  Kaleo “Killz” Huddy

The Kaleo Huddy Signature Model features a kinetic core, surlyn slick, double stringers, recessed shin grooves and a flat bottom on a DK directed template. 

Triad Kaleo Huddy KILLZ

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