Triad Spencer Skipper CT/TensionTech



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The board behind the style!  Using the template and features that Skip has developed in his 20 plus years as a professional wave rider, then adding the latest Tension Tech substrate single stringer combo to a PP core and Surlyn slick, this is Skip’s wave slaying craft of choice.

The Skip 42″ Bat Tail with shallow channels allows for increased lift and speed on long arching turns and on fast down the line sections while the upper chine groove locks you in for better grip and control.

A Crescent Tail with Flat bottom has always been Skip’s preferred combo with  to achieve more drive, projection and flow in and out of the pocket.  However,  we do offer the 42″ Crescent also with channels for the channel bottom enthusiast.   Add in the upper chine groove locks and watch speed and control take your riding to the next level.  

Grab your tomahawk and bury it deep in the pit!  

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 2.75 × 22 in

39.5", 40", 41", 42"


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