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Jack Lindholm, one of bodyboarding’s elite pioneers and creator of “Jackstance” aka Drop Knee,  has put 40+ years of ocean experience and bodyboard knowledge into his two signature series models :   The 808 Rippa and MONEY.  Triad is honored to be presenting these on behalf of Jack “da Rippa” Lindholm.   

MONEY:   Jack pushes the design envelope to the limit with MONEY.   Another “never been done” bottom design absolutely steals the show as what Jack has dubbed the “Wezapsta Flume.” The unique quad channel design is stretched to the limit with 22″ long spines and an innovative symmetry that was inspired by some of the cutting edge technology coming out of Proctor Surfboards. “I have always been inspired by stand up surfers and surfboard design, all the way back to the early days watching Primo Richards stand up on a paipo board at Sandys.  Shaper Nick Mesritz,  the best in the business, made the necessary adjustments and apply this design to my template.  The name is a tribute to Mez as well as to Todd’s Zipsta Jet.  The board rides unreal and just reeks of stoke.”   MONEY is topped off with multi-colored rails as a nod to another of Jack’s favorite bands, Pink Floyd and their Dark Side of the Moon album.  

 MONEY is carved out of premium Kinetic 1.8 lb core, reinforced with Two EGF Stringers and a Surlyn Slick bottom.  This board is from the future,  made for the present, by a living legend.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 2.75 × 22 in



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