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Jack Lindholm, one of bodyboarding’s elite pioneers and creator of “Jackstance” aka Drop Knee, has put 40+ years of ocean experience and bodyboard knowledge into his three signature series models: The 808 Rippa, MONEY and DEEP. Triad is honored to be presenting these on behalf of Jack “da Rippa” Lindholm.

DEEP: Deep Barrels and Deep Purple are the highlight tributes associated with Jack’s latest board release.   DEEP features an “old school template” that was derived from Jack’s R&D sessions with legendary shaper Buzz Morasca.  Jack implemented a new DEEP Fish Tail design that provides a ton of freedom when engaging the tail DK or prone.   DEEP is ultimately a tribute to Deep Barrels!   On a trip to the infamous Teahupoo, Jack experienced what he calls the ride of his life.  The only image that exists from this wave is below.  But it is a well-etched memory and a driving inspiration behind this board.  The signature colors and model stamp are a nod to the UK Metal Band Deep Purple.  Deep Purple greatly inspired Jack in the early 70’s in his pursuit of playing the drums as a teenager and their music continues to be part of his surfing experience today.

Heavy Waves and Heavy Metal = GO DEEP!

DEEP is carved out of premium Kinetic 1.8 lb core, reinforced with Tension Tech, 2 x EGF Stringers and a Surlyn Slick bottom.  This board is from the future,  made for the present, by a living legend.

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42.75", 43.75"


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